Take a Cuban Rum Journey This Christmas With Ron Santiago de Cuba

This Christmas welcomes the relaunch of award-winning Ron Santiago De Cuba™, a versatile range of premium Cuban rums to suit a multitude of gifting and ‘at home’ celebratory occasions during the holiday season. To offer consumers further choice, Ron Santiago De Cuba™ has introduced the new Añejo 8-Year-Old liquid in time for Christmas, joining the Añejo 11-Year-Old to enjoy over the festive season. 

Celebrating Cuban culture

Ron Santiago de Cub pays homage to the terroir of the province after which it is named. Also known as ‘The Cradle of Light Rum’, the area offers a unique microclimate. Blue skies, green mountains, and the azure sea meet, offering the perfect growing conditions for aromatically sweet, balanced sugarcane which is uniquely infused with minerals from the sea.

Ron Santiago de Cuba™ is offering two special rums this Christmas, serving different drinking occasions. Both rum-lovers and rum explorers have something completely new to enjoy and discover…

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Ron Santiago de Cub Añejo 8-Year-Old

The first is Ron Santiago de Cuba™ Añejo 8-Year-Old. It’s bottled with an ABV of 40% and retails at £24. Ideal to serve at your own Christmas drinks party, or as a thoughtful gift for your host, it’ll kick-start your evening.

Aged for a minimum of 8 years, this light, classic Cuban rum issmooth and delicate with a natural sweetness on the nose. It comes to life on the palate with intense, yet perfectly balanced aged notes, hints of honey, vanilla, cacao and tropical fruit.

Use it to create a Santiago Spritz, which can be prepared with just four simple ingredients, found in most kitchen larders: 

  • 50ml Santiago de Cuba 8-Year-Old
  • 40ml salted honey syrup
  • 20ml fresh lime juice
  • Soda water 

Stir and garnish with half a lime

Ron Santiago de Cuba™ Añejo 11-Year-Old

The second is Ron Santiago de Cuba™ Añejo 11-Year-Old, bottled at an ABV of 40% and retailing at £35. A rich, smooth, naturally sweet blend of sugar cane molasses, this has hints of vanilla, coconut and almond. Presented in an exclusive, gold foil-embossed, luxury gift tin with a red carrying rope, it has a label inside that can be personalised. The bottle is beautifully wrapped in a map of Cuba, creating a sense of journey while opening the package. 

The 11 year-old rum lends itself to a more complex, short drink, which is well suited to the cocktail parties of the festive period. Try making this twist on the classic Cuban Daiquiri, the Cuban Crown:

  • 50ml Santiago de Cuba Añejo 11-Year-Old
  • 20ml Lime Juice
  • 45ml Salted Honey Syrup (Mix two parts honey with one part water in a saucepan, add a large pinch of salt, heat until mixed, allow to cool and pour into a bottle)

Shake the first three ingredients over ice and strain into a coupe. 

Both bottles’ new packaging design aims to seamlessly merge tradition with modernity – a striking bottle to add to any home bar collection. The bottles are stocked at The Whisky Exchange, with personalised bottles available at www.getinkd.com. ¡Feliz Navidad!

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