Rimowa’s Aluminium Original Collection Receives Two New Colours

February sees the launch of RIMOWA’s brand new and limited-edition aluminium luggage pieces. The signature suitcases are themed on galactic exploration and are the first in a two-step release, soon to be followed by eyewear.
Cabin, Trunk Plus, and Personal styles.

Choose from three different suitcase options – the signature Cabin, Trunk Plus, and Personal styles. The first two of these models have been crafted in bright pigments, providing a memorable and high-end look.

Mercury and Mars

Reflecting the Red Planet’s own colour, the Mars luggage piece comes in an eye-catching vivid orange. The Mercury design has been styled in a sophisticated mid-grey hue with gentle notes of blue, again reminiscent of its namesake, Mercury – the Swift Planet.

But if bright and bold isn’t your thing, you can opt for the regional exclusive, limited-edition white Personal Mars with a detachable body strap. This case features toned leather detailing alongside ultra-lightweight, dent-resistant grooved polycarbonate.

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The brand’s suitcases are made from RIMOWA’s own premium aluminium metal, but these latest models are even more innovative – formed in a process that makes use of an intelligent combination of anodising processes.

Keep an eye out online and in stores to complete your RIMOWA travel look.

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