Introducing Belvedere Organic Infusions

Just in time for another burst of hot weather, Belvedere, the world’s first super-premium vodka, has launched Belvedere Organic Infusions, a line of vodkas created with organic Polish rye and organic fruits and botanicals. The release marks the super-premium distiller’s first foray into producing organic spirits, which allows the natural flavour profile of each ingredient to differentiate itself without the aid of artificial additives, chemicals, or pesticides. 

The main ingredient, Polish rye is 100% traceable whilst the fruits and botanicals are 100% certified organic, meaning that the whole range is emblematic of Belvedere’s ongoing commitment to transparency and meeting customer demand for a more sustainable approach. 

The Belvedere Organic Infusions range is made up of three different, unique and intriguing flavour combinations not typically found in vodka:

BLACKBERRY, LEMONGRASS WITH A HINT OF SAGE: a rich texture of ripe blackberries and fragrant sage with notes of peppery lemongrass and vanilla.

LEMON, BASIL WITH A TOUCH OF ELDERFLOWER: a succulent texture with lemon tart and herbaceous basil, followed by floral elderflower and juicy Muscat grapes.

PEAR, GINGER WITH A DROP OF LINDEN HONEY: a luscious mouthfeel of juicy pear, warm spiced ginger and rich set honey.

To appreciate the unique and multifaced profiles of each quality, Belvedere Organic Infusions are best savoured in long and fresh Vodka Sodas. From fresh and bright to rich, vibrant, and crisp, Belvedere Organic Infusions provides consumers a choice that is uncompromising on flavour.

Of the launch, Belvedere CEO Rodney Williams says, ‘What’s great about our Belvedere Organic Infusions is that they are distinctive but pleasing and highly accessible flavours from the very first sip – with no additives’. The range comprises three unique flavours, not typically found in a vodka: Blackberry and Lemongrass with a hint of Sage, Lemon and Basil with a touch of Elderflower, and Pear and Ginger with a drop of Linden Honey. Each is best enjoyed in a cold Vodka Soda to allow the drinker to best appreciate the distinctive flavours.

Belvedere Organic Infusions are available online, RRP around £37 (per 70cl bottle), as well as various trade outlets.

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