Best Private Jet Companies 

The growth in demand for private jet travel has seen a substantial increase over recent times with many first-class and business travellers embracing this form of transport. Privacy, security, safety and convenience are all key factors driving this rise in popularity and the variety of ownership models, such as fractional ownership, means that travelling by private jet is even more accessible than ever before. 

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NetJets was established in 1964 and has been leading the way in private aviation ever since. With over 760 aircraft, in an excess of 5,000 airports spanning more than 200 countries, NetJets Owners can access the most luxurious fleet of jets via multiple ownership models. Whenever and wherever their lifestyle demands dictate. The business operates around four core principles; safety, service, access and exclusives – events tailored to Owners’ individual interests. It’s also an innovator in sustainability, committed to reducing NetJets’ environmental footprint where it has been carbon neutral in Europe since 2012. 

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Jetfly boasts over 20 years’ experience in the private aviation sector and is known as an industry leader in Europe when it comes to fractional ownership; both for business and private aviation.  The fleet of 50 Pilatus aircraft, combining both 40 PC-12’s and 10 PC-24’s, which fly into an extensive and impressive list of large international airports and unique smaller airfields, meaning co-owners can travel the world with great ease and flexibility.  With a ten-point value proposition, co-owners are assured a safe, adaptable, high-performance and even a pet-friendly flight experience.

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